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4 misconceptions about ecommerce SEO

July 7, 2017
SEO misconceptions

There are two types of people that exist – one type believes that corporate SEO is important while the other believes that ecommerce SEO is important. Always remember, SEO is an important part of any internet marketing strategy. Just as much SEO is important for a corporate site, it is important to ecommerce. However, there are certain misconceptions people have about ecommerce SEO.

In the article, we will discuss the biggest misconceptions about ecommerce SEO.

  1. Focus only on technical SEO: This is one of the main reasons why online retailers tend to leave optimising their website halfway. Unlike regular SEO, technical SEO is time intensive and complicated. Today, most online retailers spend thousands and thousands on technical audits, sitemap optimisation, on-page optimisation etc. only to find out that their page ranking have barely moved or worsened. Remember that links are important Google ranking factors. If you don’t have high quality links backing your site, it may be difficult to appear in the first page of Google. In ecommerce, it is important to focus on creating and promoting content rather than just technical SEO.
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  2. Category pages don’t matter: A category-focusses keyword generates more searches than any other page. Categorizing your site is important to SEO optimisation. Each category should target a group of keywords. You also need to optimize the Meta title, Meta description, H1 tag, URL, and body content to optimize it for those target keywords.
  3. Reviews don’t help in SEO: Product reviews are nothing but free SEO from your customers to you. If you think product reviews do not help, you are highly mistaken. In reality, reviews add tremendous value to your site. If you have a strategy of acquiring reviews on your products, they can be indexed by Google. As an online retailer, it increases your credibility.
  4. SEO can fix everything: A common misconception that exists in the mind of all marketers is that SEO can fix everything. SEO going in the wrong direction can backfire. An ecommerce site with poor content and low engagement metrics will find it nearly impossible to rank well in organic search.

These are the 4 main misconceptions about SEO that exist in the ecommerce marketplace. The right SEO efforts are more effective.

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