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Best practices to use Instagram for business

July 14, 2017

Every business in the digital landscape has just one major goal – to reach out to the right target group. Social networking site Facebook is a saturated one. In such a situation, to generate more followers and conversions, businesses are turning towards Instagram, a photo/video sharing social media platform. They are setting up campaigns to reach out to the right target group.

Instagram has become a widespread platform to influence a lot of customers. Businesses are using it as a viable tool to instantly share a picture with the rest of the world. Grouping hashtags is the best way to garner attention.

Just creating an Instagram account and getting people to follow you is not all what it take to get your business ‘Instagram ready’. It takes a lot more to make sure your account is stays alive on #Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best practices your business needs on Instagram.

  • Don’t tag a person/product if they cannot relate to the photo you share: It is a common practice among most people that use Instagram to tag people related to the picture to get some attention. It is okay to tag an influential person’s name who is related to a product rather than someone who is nowhere connected to what you’re selling.
  • Buy followers only if needed: If your marketing budget is huge, don’t just aimlessly spend money on buying followers. Instead try and recommend your product/service to others to gain followers. Also, beware of spam accounts. Not all followers you have are genuine.
  • Be positive: While you post pictures and videos on Instagram, it is very important to secure your brand’s reputation. It is absolutely fine to post pictures that are slightly different from your brand, however, don’t digress completely.
  • Do not over post: You may be excited to share all your product pictures with your TG, but think twice. Nobody is interested to like all what you do. Flooding the account with one post after the other will result in your followers ‘unfollowing’ you. Similarly, do not under-post. This can make you look inactive on social media.
  • No blurry images: Blurry and not-so-clear images are a big turn off. Such images force users to skip through your content. Make sure the images you post are of high quality. You want your audience to read what you post rather than just skipping through it.
  • Keep an eye for captions and hashtags: Always remember to keep the captions short. Concise and clear is the key. Add only relevant hashtags that are trending. When we say trending, we don’t mean hashtags that are not related to the content you post.

Keep these points in mind, and your business is surely Instagram ready! We at Floret Media know exactly what your business needs on Instagram. You wish to know more? Send an email to info@floretmedia.com and we’ll get right back to you.

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