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Why content is king in a digital strategy?

June 29, 2017
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When people say ‘content is king’, they don’t say it for the sake of it. In all aspects, content is the heart of a digital strategy as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise.

We are currently living in an age of instant gratification where the attention span of human beings is even lesser than a goldfish. This is also an age of information overload. Social media and online marketing is completely saturated with all kinds of content.

The challenge of marketers is to capture the attention span of the fickle minded consumer within few seconds or minutes. It is important for their message to stand out from the noise.

With digital technologies taken over completely, how we communicate with our TG really matters, and it’s not an easy job. It’s no secret that digital media has taken over traditional media as a preferred method of content consumption. The current buzzwords are SEO, AdWords, PPC campaigns, social media etc.

Your digital strategy must focus on how you a going to maximise the synergy between your content and your medium and quality and quantity.

digital strategy

Following these three points will ensure your content is king in your digital strategy:

  • Consistency: Across multiple channels, it is important that your message is consistent. Plan on few messages and stick to them. Too many ideas will simply confuse your audience. Coca Cola ‘open happiness’ is a great example of consistency in messaging.
  • Customisation: Once you’ve decided your message, customise it to the channel. Identifying the right channel for your message and the target audience, using the right cues and keywords is vital. Example: crisp on Twitter, visual on Pinterest and engaging on blogs.
  • Curation: Don’t sell all the time. People want information that tells them something you, engages and entertains them. Creating campaigns and conversations with your customers helps in proper curation of content.

If you get your content right, you’ve won half the battle. Making incremental changes over a period of time will result in powerful engagement with your target audience.

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