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Why podcast needs a niche in India?

July 19, 2017

Today, the growth of the internet might be slow globally, but not in India. India, which is the second largest growing economy in the world still, has a large number of internet users growing rapidly.

In 2016, the number of internet users grew by 28%. Most people in India make use of mobile internet. When a survey for podcasts was conducted in India, the numbers were slightly different. The penetration of podcast apps in India was below 1%. For those unaware of what podcasts are – A podcast is a digital audio file that is made available on the internet that can be downloaded to a PC or mobile device. Though internet usage in India has appreciated over the years, audio content still hasn’t developed. The population of users that truly appreciate and understand audio content is unrepresented here.

On apps like Sound Cloud, there are a large number of podcasts by a host of publishers. There are very few podcasts in India that have already made their mark. There are many podcasting networks covering comedy, culture, current affairs, food and science. Since podcasts are not commercialised, they are available without any ad disturbances.

For podcasts in India to take off and be mainstream, we need content. With the government of India launching ‘Digital India’, the future of podcasts is still at a very nascent stage. However, it has introduced its own podcasts like ‘my government.’

For niche brands, podcasting is a great option. Podcasting opens a whole new gateway for brands. It is a great content marketing tool for storytelling. If the podcast is rich in quality with rich content, it will definitely do well.

The potential of podcasts is seen at a niche level as Indian and international companies have recognised its benefits.

If you are looking to engage a captive audience for audio, Podcasts are ideal. It is definitely a great content marketing tool for your brand.

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